Admissions by Attorney of Record

As To Fact and Law of

Walker v. Members of Congress


The members of Congress (acting through their attorney of record) admitted for the public record in open court that as matter of fact and law the following is true and correct:


(1)   that under Article V of the United States Constitution, Congress is required to call an Article V Convention if two-thirds of the state legislatures apply for one;


(2)   that the Article V Convention call is based on a numeric count of applying states;


(3)   that all 50 states have submitted 567 applications for such a convention;


(4)   that an Article V Convention call is peremptory on Congress;


(5)    that the political subject matter of an amendment application is irrelevant and does not effect Congress’ obligation to call an Article V Convention;


(6)    that the refusal of the members of Congress to obey the law of the Constitution and immediately call a convention is a violation of their oath of office as well as a violation of federal criminal law and;


(7)   that by joining a lawsuit to advocate in open public court they can ignore, veto, disobey or otherwise thwart a convention call, the members of Congress violated federal criminal law.