FOAVC  Window/Bumper  Stickers

$4.00 per sticker via Credit Card, or Bank Account, or PayPal Account (NOTE: a Pay Pal account is not required).

These are 3.75" x 7.5" transparent exterior stickers with white lettering, which can be easily removed, and won’t damage painted surfaces.  These stickers appear best on dark tinted windows (as shown above), or on dark painted surfaces.  A sticker may be moved once (maybe twice), but may not cling well after being moved once.  Do not directly spray the sticker with high-pressure sprayers.  Some stickers can last for many years, but some stickers may not last as long if exposed to harsh weather, temperatures, and/or high-pressure sprays.  If you have any problems, please click here to contact FOAVC.  Please allow up-to 14 calendar days, but orders will almost always be shipped within 3-to-5 business days.
 We will not share or sell your private information.
 Purchases can be made with a PayPal account or with a Credit Card (a PayPal account is not required).
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