Dear Friend of the Constitution:

Like so many other Americans, you believe that our government is not working the way the Founders intended. You have expressed interest in a convention to propose amendments, just as Washington, Madison and Hamilton expected us to do.
At this very moment there are literally dozens of proposals for constitutional amendments circulating on the Internet. Each one has its own supporters. Most of them want a convention for the only purpose of proposing the amendment they support.
Now at last there is one single clearing house where all ideas for constitutional amendments can be examined, debated, refined and voted up or down by people of the United States.
It is called Convention USA. Itís not being held in any one city or any one convention center. Itís being held on the Internet at http:/
Every registered voter in every state is invited to become a delegate, and participate in the work of the convention. There is no cost and no obligation, except to vote on proposals and share your opinions.
We will call the convention to order when we have two thirds of the states represented.
If you have any questions, I can be reached at
Thomas E. Brennan ,
Former Chief Justice of Michigan