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People v Natelson: The FEC Showdown

Regulation Vote Signals Fed Decision on Rogue AVC Fiduciary Theory

A decision by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) on a petition to change the regulatory definition of elected federal office to include delegates to an Article V Convention has become the battleground to determine whether an Article V Convention will be an open, freely elected convention or is hijacked by well financed special interests bent on making a convention nothing more than an orchestrated showpiece for their own political agenda. The crux of this argument is the Robert Natelson fiduciary (master/slave) fiduciary theory.


Skip The First Applications of the States

The First Applications of the States

Since the beginning of this nation the states have applied for an Article V Convention at an average rate of one application every four months. The Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that amendment subject has no bearing on the amendment process. The Constitution only specifies one standard for a convention call--an application from each of two-thirds of the state legislatures. You can view the first application submitted by each state at this link. As the evidence proves by 1911 two-thirds of the states had submitted applications for an Article V Convention. The Constitution does not permit nor allow so-called rescissions of the applications. Even if it did, long before a single rescission was submitted (1947 state of Maine to correct a textual error) the states had satisfied the single requirement of the Constitution.

You may also read a summation created by long time convention supporter John Guise showing in sequence of application the state, its date of application, the number of states in the union at the time of the application and the number of states needed to cause a convention call. Accordingly, it can be stated that as of Friday, March 13, 1908 with the application of the state of Washington Congress has been obligated to call an Article V Convention as mandated by the United States Constitution.
Skip Liberty Amendments Miss the "Mark"

Liberty Amendments Miss the "Mark"

In his newly released book, “The Liberty Amendments—Restoring The American Republic” national conservative radio talk show host Mark R. Levin discusses an Article V Convention and offers twelve amendments he believes a convention should propose. To its credit his book has caused a stir of public interest in an Article V Convention. This is no surprise given the fact Americans are totally fed up with the national government and are desperate for a solution—any reasonable solution—so long as it works. Whatever other issues surround Article V, it is irrefutable—amendments work.

Unfortunately, Levin’s book is a perfect example of a golden opportunity deliberately perverted to advance a dangerous political agenda having nothing to do with “his” proposed amendments. Combined with the fact the book is woefully inaccurate, misleading and was obsolete before publication Levin’s book is presently worthless—except for the fact, as already noted, it has greatly raised public awareness about an Article V Convention. Read More...

Skip Congress Sets State Applications As Zero; Passes Law Mandating Delegates Elected

Congress Sets State Applications As Zero; Passes Law Mandating Delegates Elected

In only what can be only described as a kiss off response Kirk Boyle, legal counsel of the House of Representatives responded in a one page letter to Dan Marks' request for an official count of state applications currently recognized by Congress for an Article V Convention call. The sheer volume of applications in question is best appreciated by examination of this map.

Mr. Boyle’s response was succinct—number of applying states counted by Congress: zero.

Mr. Boyle stated Karen Haas, Clerk of the House of Representatives, Read More...
Skip ArticleV.Org Letter To Congress

ArticleV.Org Letter To Congress

At the suggestion of House of Representatives Parliamentarian Tom Wickman, Dan Marks of has sent a letter of inquiry to Karen Haas, Clerk for the United States House of Representatives regarding the official congressional count of applications by the states for a convention call. Read More...
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Congress Begins Tabulation of AVC Applications
UPDATE: March 7, 2015: A letter to House of Representatives Legal Counsel Kirk Boyle demanding publication in the list of applications currently being gathered by the House Judiciary Committee was recently sent by Bill Walker of FOAVC. Publication of applications by the committee have apparently stalled at a count of ten applications. The letter noted per the request of Mr. Boyle in July, 2013, the April, 2013 letter Dan Marks was sent to the House Judiciary Committee. Mr. Walker’s letter pointed out Mr. Marks’ letter contained 42 states applications from 42 states in the form of published Congressional Record. As the records are already a matter of public record there is no basis not to publish them nor can they be referred to as “purported” applications having already been approved and certified as public record. Mr. Walker pointed out for members of the committee to withhold such information is a violation of federal law and gave the committee a deadline by which to either publish the applications in their list or face being reported for violation of federal criminal law.

UPDATE: January 29, 2015: The Clerk of the House of Representatives today published the first state application for an Article V Convention pursuit to the new House Rules passed on January 6, 2015. The application came from the state of Illinois. The House site located at: will list the date of the application and the state. One down, 765 to go. The text of the application can be viewed at: . FOAVC will continue to publish its more complete list for a period of time until it is clear the House has "caught up" on its 238 years obligation of counting applications.

With a quiet addition to House rules on January 6, 2015 the House of Representatives began for the first time in history an official process for tabulation of state applications for an Article V Convention. This historic event went entirely unnoticed by the mainstream media as has been the case for all AVC events leaving one to wonder if the press will even cover a convention when it is called. Under newly enacted House rule Section 3 (c) “Separate Orders Providing for Transparency with Respect to Memorials submitted pursuant to Article V of the Constitution of the United States” the rule, proposed by Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH) was among several rule changes for the new 114th House of Representative which passed by on a party line vote of 234-172 with all but four Republicans favoring the new House rules. More...

What is Happening to Our Country?

Are you aware that We The People are being denied our constitutional right to an Article V Convention to propose amendments, despite a whopping 750+ (or more) Article V applications from the state legislatures of 49 of all 50 states? Only 34 (i.e. two thirds) are required. So why has Congress ignored the Constitution? We need your help. If you want to help reclaim our constitutional rights, then you have come to the right place.

The significance of the two lists to the left of this column cannot be underestimated. Both lists PROVE that the states have submitted sufficient applications to cause a convention call long before any so-called "rescissions", same subject amendment or any other concept even existed. These "ideas" were created by the John Birch Society beginning in the 1980's. If challenged the JBS cannot provide one official record supporting their claims of "rescissions", "same subject" and so forth. On the other hand FOAVC, if challenged, can provide specific Supreme Court rulings which refute the JBS claims. The public record is irrefutable: as of Friday, March 13, 1908 and since Congress has been obligated to call a convention by the terms of the Constitution. Unless JBS or any other group purporting to prove a convention call is not now mandated can provide proof by use of the text of the Constitution, the sole term specified having been satisfied, a convention is mandated. Thus the proof that Congress has violated the Constitution and its collective oath of offices is now conclusively demonstrated.

What is the Issue and Our Mission?

Hello and welcome to Friends Of the Article V Convention (FOAVC). We are a non-partisan association of American citizens from every state comprised of a broad range of occupations, Convention of 1787 (click here to enlarge)ethnicities, religious affiliations and political persuasions. Our common bond and mission is a deep commitment to preserving the values and principles embodied in our founding documents - the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America - upon which this nation was founded.

Article V of the United States Constitution provides that Congress, "on the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments...". The Founding Fathers of our nation recognized the importance of providing this means by which the citizens of our country could initiate amendments to change and/or clarify the Constitution; the fundamental document which they intended to be not only the blueprint for our federal system but also "the supreme Law of the Land".

The Founding Fathers described the obligation of Congress to call an Article V Convention as "peremptory".
Alexander Hamilton, author of the final language in Article V, wrote in Federalist 85
. . .

Stopping the Train of Progress...

Skip A Letter from Thomas E. Brennan, Former Chief Justice of Michigan

A Letter from Thomas E. Brennan, Former Chief Justice of Michigan

Skip The CRS Reports

The CRS Reports

On April 11, 2014 the Congressional Research Service published an updated version of its 2012 report on the Article V Convention. The report was the second such report in two months, the first report being published March 7, 2014. Both reports provide the latest details about events occurring in the Article V Convention movement. The April report can be read at:

The March report can be read at:

Earlier Reports:
Do you know your State and Federal politicians' position on Article V of the U.S. ConstitutionAsk them.  See if you can get an answer.  What does the silence about Article V reveal?
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